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Could you picture, for a moment, a woman on the brink of making the hardest decision of her life?

Laura’s first-time receiving food from Project MANA at the Kings Beach food distribution saved her life—and it almost didn’t happen.  The shame and guilt she felt asking for something as basic as food nearly overpowered her need to feed herself and her 6-year-old daughter, Isabel. She never thought that she was the type of person who would need free food to feed her family. She had not worked since Isabel was born because Isabel had several medical conditions and Laura needed to care for her. In addition, her boyfriend would not allow her to work because he wanted her to be home “where she belonged.” He had a job but most of his money went towards drinking and working on his truck.

As Laura went through the food line at Project MANA, an advocate on staff began talking to her. Sensing that there was more to Laura’s story than hunger, she invited Laura to an appointment the following week to learn about more of the services being offered. It was in that fateful meeting that Laura disclosed the abuse she was experiencing. She feared that if she left Isabel’s dad, she would put her daughter’s life at risk. He did threaten her, after all.

The advocate moved swiftly: she referred Laura to Tahoe SAFE Alliance to get her and Isabel into the Safe House; she referred Laura to the Family Resource Center of Truckee’s Legal Program, and she made an appointment with Tahoe SAFE Alliance’s Children’s Program therapist to meet with Isabel and set up a case a management plan. Because of you, Laura and Isabel are fortunate to have these services in our community.

Your year-end gift of $50, $100—or whatever you can afford—will guarantee more community members like Laura and Isabel will receive the help they need. Please join us today to create a better future.

Your support makes it possible to feed the 1 in 7 North Lake Tahoe/Truckee residents who are without reliable access to nutritious food. Your support also enables advocates to work with people like Laura to assess their needs and provide a broad spectrum of services including hunger relief, crisis intervention, legal services and family strengthening opportunities. By supporting Sierra Community House, you contribute directly to the implementation of these vital programs.

Because Sierra Community House is the result of four social services organizations coming together (Project MANA, the North Tahoe Family Resource Center, Tahoe SAFE Alliance and the Family Resource Center of Truckee), your gift goes even farther supporting a variety of programs. By donating to Sierra Community House, you support hunger relief for those who lack access to nutritious food; safety, shelter and therapy for those experiencing sexual or domestic violence; legal assistance and access to a variety of parenting and nutrition classes; and assistance with county-based services and programs.

Can you imagine if Laura and Isabel were able to meet all their needs within one organization? Laura would only have to tell her story one time and have access to a comprehensive suite of services.

As Sierra Community House, we can provide a more effective and efficient experience for our clients. We work to ensure no client slips through the cracks and eliminate the need for clients to spend valuable time and emotional energy retelling their story and enrolling in multiple programs. When people come to Sierra Community House seeking help, they come as whole people. Therefore, we aim to provide holistic services by addressing the needs of the whole individual or family, serving the most vulnerable community members, and supporting better outcomes for clients in the long term.

Are you ready to help others like Laura and Isabel live healthy, productive lives free of violence and hunger? Your donation will go directly to ensuring every client receives the help they need. Make your gift today.

Thank you for your continued support! You will be glad to know that Laura and Isabel are thriving. They have their own apartment, Laura is back in the workforce and Isabel is a happy 3rd grader. They are engaged in a variety family strengthening activities at Sierra Community House. Their recovery and resilience would not have been possible without the generous support of donors like you.

With gratitude,

Paul Bancroft

Executive Director